A Poem

ASA CX-3 Flight Computer

Oh CX-3 how do I love thee, let me count the ways,

Thy precision and accuracy leave me in amaze.

From calculating wind corrections to true airspeed,

You make flying easier and safer indeed.

Thy compact size fits snugly in my hand,

And navigating through menus is easy to understand.


 Oh CX-3 how do I love thee, let me count some more, Thy battery life lasts long, I never have to worry or implore. 

With features like density altitude and pressure conversion, Thou art a valuable tool for any aviation excursion.

And when I need to perform complex calculations in flight, Thy ability to save and recall data is a true delight. 

Oh CX-3 how do I love thee, let me count till the end, For with thy assistance, my flying skills do ascend.

Thy reliability and efficiency are unmatched by far, And for that, oh CX-3, I cherish thee like a shining star.


So, obviously, I did this as somewhat of a spoof.  Seriously though, get a CX-3.  It could be the single greatest tool in your flight bag.  Almost every calculation imaginable for flight planning and pilotage in general.  I will be producing a detailed tutorial series for the CX-3 soon.  It will cover ever calculation and how to use it for flight planning.